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Tyler Mountain BBQ

Crafting slow smoked delicious foods since 1982

-   ABOUT US  -

Tyler Mountain BBQ was started in 1982 when I as a single father was looking for a way to help my children's little league team purchase uniforms and other supplies. I have always had a heart for helping others and decided to combine what I knew best, slow smoking delicious barbeque and helping others when the need arises. 

When we embarked on this new journey it was decided that we needed a much bigger smoker that what we currently had. As such we started salvaging parts from decommissioned military surplus at Fort Chaffee located in Fort Smith, Arkansas. From these random parts that were destined for the salvage yard allowed myself and some of the men that I was stationed with at Fort Chafee begin to piecing together the smoker that we still use today. 

The axle is from an old Howitzer cannon, the body is from an old barracks boiler, the grates are from the old steps up to the base commanders office, and the firebox is a wheel hub from a five ton truck. Each piece of our smoker was collected over time and it was added and expanded as our needs grew all the way down to the counter weights on the lid that are the lug nuts from the five ton that donated the firebox.  

Our smoker may not look like a beauty on the outside but it is what is on the inside that counts years of smoke and seasoning. We have smoked thousands of pounds of pork, beef, chicken, and fish over the years in our beauty and served many a meal to hungry first responders, police, military, and of course our loyal customers over the years. 

Since we began many years ago we have added new products at the request of our customers. It is because of the overwhelming requests from those who mean the most to use we made the decision to make our homemade barbeque sauce and seasonings available. Our sauces and seasonings are made locally and bottled right here in Oklahoma and are subject to our high quality control standards. Each batch of sauces and seasonings that are produced are tested for flavor, consistency, and packaging.

As we now venture in a new direction by offering our products for sale online we want to invite you to take this journey with us and we want to thank you for the many years of patronage.


Thank you,

Richard Tyler

Tyler Mountain BBQ

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